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Your proactive customer communications partner

At Telsolutions we specialise in providing highly effective multi-channel messaging solutions for both revenue collection in local government and finance, customer engagement programmes, including customer satisfaction and insight.

Connections & Collections

You can depend on us to deliver an excellent service, founded on experience, knowledge of what works and totally reliable technology. We are progressive, always developing new technology in-house and integrating new solutions into our offering to maintain cutting edge functionality.

Our knowledge goes beyond technology into what makes an effective multi-channel communications programme, giving clients strategies, processes and content that we know work really well.

We are a dynamic business – because of the way we work and our focus on providing outstanding customer service, we are very agile and can deploy quickly.

All these benefits make us a trusted partner to our clients.


Communications solutions, using a wide range of integrated technologies which can be applied to many different requirements to enhance customer engagement and drive tangible results.

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Enabling enterprises to communicate quickly and efficiently with the right customer, at the right time, with the right message, using the right channel, to drive the right results.

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