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Our range of technology solutions are used throughout a wide range of industry sectors, where we have expertise in applying both the technology and also our skills and knowledge of what is effective in each sector to deliver the desired results.

Local authorities

We have a great deal of expertise working with local authorities on the recovery of tax revenue, as well as offer an alternative way to communicate with residents and businesses.

Revenue collection

We work with approximately 50% of the local authorities in England and Wales, either directly or indirectly via their civil enforcement agencies, to assist in the recovery of local taxes, in particular:

  • Council tax arrears
  • Business rates arrears
  • Parking fines

We provide a complete solution and get everything up and running without the need to involve the IT department.

We have detailed knowledge and understanding of the flow of communications across the different platforms, the “nudges” that help trigger payment and the timescales to optimise payments.

We will provide you with all the scripts for the messaging and set everything up for you, in line with your policies and procedures, to get everything mobilised quickly and efficiently.

We provide the following applications to local authorities:

  • Welcome and route customer inquiries from websites, Telsolutions WebForms, or any messaging source (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Apple, Google, Line, and more)
  • Answer FAQs about debt reminders and payment options
  • Collect information from customers to improve inquiry handling (income and expenditure, benefit, reduction or discount schemes)
  • Troubleshoot queries and route customers to self-service options
  • Schedule customer appointments for assessments and support
  • Fulfil application orders and complete transactions

Information services

This means we can send out information about community services such as:

  • Rubbish collection
  • Libraries
  • Council tax
  • Business rates
  • BID information
  • Services for the elderly and vulnerable
  • Recycling information
  • Road closures
  • Planning notices

Targeted messaging will enable those who use services to be informed of any changes, and any vital information necessary for specific demographics can be sent effectively. This helps residents to receive information that is both personal and relevant to where they live and the services they receive.

For example, new residents can be invited to share their preferred method of communication, and this can be used for all future communications, they can sign up to receive specific notifications about the services they access regularly.