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Data enrichment

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Data enrichment

Sometimes, when we're given contact information, key details that we need are missing. This is where data enrichment becomes key. Data enrichment helps fill the gaps with credible information relating to a contact.

For example, there might be missing information such as an email address or a mobile telephone number. Having this data will mean we can have more lines of communication open with a contact, and this will help significantly.

Our data enrichment searches each record looking for missing data such as phone numbers and email addresses and filling this in where it is available.

Our data enrichment product means that we utilise all publicly available data. We carry out one search at a time to avoid a duplication of results and to keep costs as low as possible.

For this, we use several third parties such as Experian, GBG Group, LexisNexis, and TransUnion.

This data enrichment process means we can open more lines of communication such as text message and email; this, in turn, means we are more likely to have a response.

Any records with mobile or email data missing will be forwarded on to you for a decision as to the next steps, such as mail out via post. We can set up reports to come to you automatically, meaning you updates exactly when it suits your business need.