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2023 - IRRV Telford Annual Conference - Daniel Pearce discusses - Conversational debt management & resolution using responsible AI.

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Telsolutions are again pleased to attend and exhibit at the IRRV Annual Conference in Telford. (Stand 55). Daniel Pearce will be discussing Conversations power customer care, and power the connections between the authority and the customer. Details on the stream and time to follow.

Unless a local authority has greater volumes of effective interactions with customers, then matters and cases remain unresolved. It is that coping with the volume of conversations where local authorities struggle to manage and clear up outstanding invoices, debts and claims processes. Failure to do so is longer timescales and far higher costs.

Local authority recovery processes have become out of step and less effective than they were prior to 2020. This is due to the methods and tools used that are restrictive with limited resources. However our all own personal commercial and consumer priorities are now driven all by digital engagements and interactions that affect all our lives.

The issue is how the basic data is used by authorities, how authorities can engage with the customer and the very tools provided to customer are not joined up into the interactive experience customers now expect.

Written by:

Daniel Pearce