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Analytics and reporting

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Analytics and reporting

We provide robust, intelligent analytics and reporting for all our services, providing management reporting and insight into the next steps. Our bespoke reporting means that you can even tailor reports to your individual business needs.

All our reports are provided on-demand via the website or scheduled to be delivered via email, SFTP, or API.

Anyone in your organisation can have full control of the service to make adjustments and the service is intuitive, and permits real-time changes while campaigns are in progress.

As we add new products, services, and communications channels, our reporting tools will adapt to incorporate these.

Summary reporting

These reports provide management-level reports to show top-line results and outcomes They can be automated to be sent out on a specific date each month, and these reports can be generated to include in management meetings and for any financial reporting dates you might have.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reports list line by line customer activity, outcomes, and communication types, these are highly comprehensive, and valuable reports enable you to monitor effectively and make decisions based on facts and data. They will give your business insight into what is working and how improvements can be made.

Bespoke reporting

These reports are custom built, and they are specifically requested to complete specific tasks and functions. If you think you will need bespoke reporting, we can go through your requirements and deliver exactly what you need.

Campaign reports from our website

You'll also be able to log in via our website for campaign reports. This will provide real-time visual reporting and the status of campaigns that are in progress.