Text Messaging

The average consumer uses their mobile phone to text more than talk.

TelSolutions’ interactive text messaging makes it possible for organizations to engage with their customers in a highly personalized and fully-automated dialog. As a result, customers can access frequently asked questions, authorize payments, and confirm transactions – conveniently from their mobile phone and without the assistance of an agent.

And for those customer interactions that require special handling, we make it possible for your agents to seamlessly interact with your customers via text.


Enables fully-automated, interactive text messaging conversations using custom business logic

Allows customer support agents to text message with customers in real time using the web-based Agent Portal

Provides standard-rate messaging and has the broadest, most extensive experience designing and delivering Free-To-End-User (FTEU) text messaging
Offers dedicated or shared short codes, long codes and short code pooling to accelerate SMS campaigns

Supports global SMS delivery in a variety of languages and dialects