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Telsolutions Partners for Print

Telsolutions has teamed up with print service provider, Datagraphic, to add secure physical print capabilities to current digital communications.

Telsolutions is renowned for highly effective digital messaging services – for revenue collection and customer engagement programmes – in local government and enforcement teams. And, it is always seeking to innovate contact strategies further.

Over the last 12 months, the switch to digital communications has been accelerating. However, evidence shows physical mail is often still needed. Production and distribution of print can be challenging, as Daniel Pearce, Director of Business Development, explains:

"Many organisations are on a digital transformation journey. But, consumer preferences, data availability and legislation may prevent 100% electronic output, and force teams to still process physical letters. These print processes can often be inefficient and expensive due to fluctuating quantities, rising postage costs and restrictions on staff and equipment."

Daniel continues; "It's no surprise then, that Hybrid Mail services – where print files transfer securely online to a third-party printer for production and distribution – are exploding in popularity.

We know clients need this print channel, and have been looking to make it part of our multi-channel offering. With Datagraphic's capabilities, we've found the ideal partner."

Having worked together for many years, Telsolutions and Datagraphic share an appetite for innovation, agility and best value. Whilst holding many of the same recognised Standards on data security and service levels.

By aligning its digital messaging solutions with Datagraphic's Aceni Hybrid Mail options, Telsolutions can now offer clients digital and physical document production from a single data file. This will make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for clients to deliver digital transformation across all their communication channels.

Datagraphic's Business Development Manager, Adele Tomlinson, comments:

"With more than 30 years experience and capacity to output 400 million print and mail items, Datagraphic is looking forward to working with Telsolutions and its clients.

We know during 2021, effective multi-channel communications will be essential for revenue collection and customer engagement. Clients will need to focus their limited resources on customer contact strategies and more favourable outcomes: rather than production challenges.

As the UK's leading provider of secure same-day Hybrid Mail solutions, we know the value paperless working brings to teams. We've seen the productivity improvements they can achieve, especially when combined with digital communications.

Hybrid Mail makes physical document production as easy as digital to deliver: especially with teams working from home. Its pay-as-you-use pricing model needs no capital investment or software license fees. Plus, it's easy to set-up without IT resources.

Imagine having a factory at your fingertips ready to produce and post documents the same day: without you touching a sheet of paper! Also, ultimately reducing postage costs makes complete sense. I'm looking forward to proving the results we can achieve together."

Telsolutions clients have a great opportunity here to accelerate their digital transformation. They gain access to physical production capabilities and digital expertise to deliver real multi-channel communications without the effort or expense of managing fragmented systems and teams.

If you would like more information on Telsolutions multi-channel communications in partnership with Datagraphic, please contact: Daniel Pearce – 01279456679 – Daniel.Pearce@Telsolutions.co.uk

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