Membership Communications

Membership Communication

As the level of communication that the average member expects from their friends and family increases their expectations are raised for the organisations that they are a member of. Increasingly an organisation that uses mail as its primary source of communication is seen as out of date and no longer relevant to the majority of people. Recent studies in the US prove that people receive just one personal letter every 7 weeks so letters are no longer the way your members choose to talk to each other, Telsolutions ensures that you communicate with your members the same way they communicate with each other.


SMS Membership Communication
SMS communication is still growing in the UK, it allows the membership organisation the opportunity to communicate quickly and efficiently with members. However very few organisations are unlocking the true power of SMS on the modern smartphone, we can update membership details, let the individual view the information for their membership, drive their attention to mobile websites, poll members views and even take payments simply by embedding a personalised website in the outgoing SMS.
This technology merges the power of email with all its flexibility and functionality with the power of SMS connectivity and response rate. SMS sounds an alarm on the phone when it arrives and doesn’t get caught in spam filters, the addition of the personalised web-form that is totally customisable allows the user to experience a totally pre-populated web link that is tailored with their membership details.


Outbound Cloud Dialling
Volunteers within the organisation are frequently the most valuable resource available, however utilising the volunteers and drawing maximum efficiency from their work is often difficult and frustrating for the volunteer. By using the Telsolutions cloud based dialling platform these volunteers can be drawn into a virtual call centre or augment the existing call centre. The scripts that volunteers need to use can be provided on-screen to help them through the process, the data can be collected and stored and then automatically populated into your membership database.


Inbound Automation
Keeping membership details up to date and accurate is the largest challenge of maintaining any large database of domestic members. Telsolutions can deliver inbound automation that allows members to self-serve this information over the phone, email, web or SMS. By utilising their favourite communication medium they are more likely to keep their details up to date ensuring their continued interaction and a more rewarding relationship.