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Business continuity

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Having an effective, efficient, and timely communication strategy when there are unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or even industry-specific challenges or disasters has never been more critical.

When you need to communicate rapidly, and your business faces a continually changing landscape, we can help with:

  • Alert messages
  • Automated communications
  • Instant messaging
  • Communication to specific teams or levels of hierarchy within businesses

We can operate over voice, text, and email, ensuring that any time-sensitive message gets through.

Our communications channels make our solutions ideal for emergency notices where due to the responsive nature of the messages can be quickly sent. An audit trail even confirms who has received the message, and when it was received by them.

This makes it perfect for

  • Incident management
  • Infection management and outbreaks
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Office closure or variations in regular opening hours
  • Calls for volunteers
  • Staff sickness and managing cover arrangements
  • Cancellation of events or meetings

The types of business-critical functions include

  • Keeping staff safe
  • Keeping staff informed
  • Managing risk
  • Keeping teams connected
  • Giving advice and guidance to staff
  • Managing shifts and workload

Our address book function allows you to store records and filter them for delivery, for example, all senior management in the Manchester office, or only for staff within ten miles of a specific site.

You can set up templates in advance, making communication in the event of an incident as straightforward as possible.

As with all our communications, we offer real-time reporting and analysis with the ability for notifications to be sent regarding open, delivery, and click through rates.

The solutions we offer are secure, flexible, and mean your business can be resilient and respond quickly when the stakes are high.

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