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Membership management

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We provide effective communications strategies and implement them for you.

The types of communication this includes

  • Welcome messages
  • Details about new products, services and partner offers
  • Membership renewal reminders
  • Offers for friends, family and colleagues
  • Event details and offers

We can help engage with your members wherever they are and utilise the communication platforms that best suit your members' needs.

Welcome messages

When a member joins your organisation, we can ensure they are sent timely personalised welcome messages. This can mean they feel valued and included right from the start of their membership.

Details about new products, services and partner offers

If you introduced new products or services to members, we could ensure that everyone receives the message and that the promotion is timely and efficient.

Membership renewal reminders

When the time comes for members to renew, we can ensure that we send out prompt members to renew their membership, we can utilize the most effective methods of communication, and ensure the messages are sent out in plenty of time.

Offers for friends, family and colleagues

For widening membership and promoting your membership organisation we can ensure that any offers for friends, family, and colleagues are sent out with the ability to track and monitor response. We can guarantee that any bespoke offer codes are embedded into messaging, meaning you can know who has referred on a new member.

Event details and offers

When membership events are launched, we can ensure your members get the message delivered promptly. We're able to imbed tracking links and send members directly to booking pages to help optimise event sign-ups.

Self-service systems for managing membership

Inbound automation allows members to update their details, make changes to their membership, and much more. This self-serve offering means your members can use email, web, or text messages to ensure their membership details are always correct.

Find out more

To find out more about our membership management solutions, get in touch today on +44(0) 1279 456679.