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Proactive customer communications

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Proactive communications are proven to increase loyalty and provide structure and organisation to your conversations, whilst allowing you to control their dissemination.

Customer engagement and retention

At Telsolutions, we provide effective and efficient proactive customer communications as part of a customer engagement and retention strategy. We enable you to use all the customer’s preferred channels in a way that is cost-effective, building trust and brand loyalty.

This includes sending customers order confirmations, reminders, surveys, or information that will enhance their experience or signpost them effectively.

We create positive, first-time customer experiences for customers so you can get the customer relationship off to a great start, immediately address any questions, while engaging and influencing behaviour.

We can create personalised one-off campaigns or help with ongoing communications strategy and our platform allows you to:

  • Design and segment lists
  • Track engagement and response rates
  • A/B testing for content and messaging
  • Insight into which channels and content are most effective
  • Deliver the right content at the right point in their journey

How we facilitate proactive customer communications

  • Automated text messages
  • Emails and automated emails
  • Live chat and AI chatbots
  • Instant Messaging (Facebook and WhatsApp)

Examples of application

Here are some examples of how proactive communications can be used in different ways for different types of businesses and services:

Car servicing and MOT

An individual brings their car in for its MOT test and a service. An automated email can be set up for two weeks, one week, and the day before, their MOT expires with a link to book with a 10% discount. Additionally, emails can be automated for winter checks or any other seasonal service offerings.

Medical appointments

To remind patients, so that there are fewer missed appointments

School to parent communications

To communicate important information to parents and carers about trips, school payments, and other useful information.

Conference and event communications

To remind delegates about events, timings and delivery of crucial information

Holiday bookings, reservations and reminders

To send reminders about check-in, information that is needed, and visa requirements as well as directing customers to the correct bus for their hotel transfer.

Find out more

To find out more about our proactive customer communications solutions, get in touch today on +44(0) 1279 456679.