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Telecom, IT & media

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Telsolutions helps telecom and media providers compete for subscribers and minimise customer churn in a highly competitive market while simultaneously delivering a cost-effective service experience that increases usage of products and services.

We continually develop innovative solutions that solve business challenges, strengthen customer relationships, and help differentiate our clients’ products and services.

Subscription renewals

Achieve higher response rates by utilising Telsolutions’ proven multi-channel approach. Personalised web-forms allow subscribers to check their existing details whilst being able to make any changes. After confirming renewal subscribers can be directed to a self-service payment module either online or over the phone.

Activation solution

Using Telsolutions’ SMS, webforms and inbound services, subscribers can call enter unique codes to activate their subscription / online access. Ensure that subscribers have immediate access to your products and services.

Customer satisfaction

Send customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, Csat, via preferred channels email, SMS, voice and webform maximises response rates. API’s can deliver surveys automatically and results available in real-time.

Loyalty solution

Build active, engaged, and profitable subscriber relationships. Anticipate needs and provide valued information to strengthen brand loyalty and reduce churn.