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Revenue & debt collection

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When it comes to revenue and debt collection, we offer seamlessly integrated communications tools. These tools enable debtors to make contact via the communications channel they prefer.

Online tools such as live chat and Facebook messenger add a level of privacy, meaning that debtors can communicate in public spaces and discretely send messages.

The ability to signpost debtors to payment pages means that they can pay without speaking to an advisor, saving call centre teams for the debtors that need to talk to an advisor.

Reminders on text and email can be sent about overdue payments, and these can be followed up with prompts with wording that use behavioural insights and nudge theory to instigate prompt payments.

Integrated communications for revenue recovery

Our integrated communications systems are used by management organisations to recover revenue and outstanding payments.

We understand which triggers work and the flow of communications which most effectively “nudge” customers to make payments.

We integrate our platform into your systems so that reminders and messages are automated. We will provide you with a complete strategy and solution, including:

We work with many of England and Wales’ local authorities’ revenue teams, all the major civil enforcement companies, membership organisations, as well as business with large consumer bases, including energy, utilities, telecoms and media.