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Services to support drivers

Our communications tools make parking easier for drivers and give them the facility to find out information about parking, prices, booking and availability on the go.

We can help with every aspect of the customer communication journey:

Sharing economy

We can also facilitate communications to those technology companies who operate in the sharing economy and can help them to communicate to individuals who rent their driveways and parking spaces out.

We can send booking reminders and facilitate communications and send payment details and payment requests, utilising our platform of communications tools.

Penalty charge notice collections

When a customer debt is pursued in relation to an outstanding Penalty Charge Notice, the process is behind in terms of change and has not advanced with technology in recent years, unlike other process such as payment options and the technology used at the time of parking.

There is also an opportunity with technology to promote valuable and helpful information creating a more positive role besides a basic informative function of demanding payment.

The basic and primary tool used for customer contact and engagement is postal services and mailed letters. Secondary to this is a doorstep visit or vehicle being clamped.

Whilst customers may change their physical address, they are now very unlikely to change their mobile number and email address. Mobile numbers and email addresses are not dependent on geographic locations unlike their fixed mailing address.

The result of this is that accurate and DTC (Direct to customer) data is available on the commercial market that is fully GDPR compliant. When this new e-device data is harnessed a more direct contact with customers is possible.


The unique development to convert parking enforcement communications to e-devices, offers the customer a direct, secure and immediate case resolution to an outstanding matter.

The result for the recovery business is: