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Financial services

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At Telsolutions we help financial services firms respond to changes and build customer relationships ensuring better customer service can be delivered.

Our proactive customer communications solutions address the many opportunities and challenges facing full-service banks, card issuers, consumer lending, automotive finance, student lending, insurance providers and many others.

Fraud management

We can ensure that card fraud confirmation, investigation, and resolution is quick, efficient and effective through real-time, multi-channel proactive communications. The use of alerts to flag up unusual spending patterns, check when payments are requested for overseas transactions and ensure fraud is highlighted to the customer immediately.

Debit card overdraft enrolment

Our debit card overdraft alerts can ensure that customers receive real-time alerts when they exceed limits. This is facilitated by seamlessly integrating information into your systems. Customers can select their preferred method of contact, and we can ensure that this is always considered.

This same alert can be used when any changes are requested, such as an increase or decrease in the overdraft amount.

Customer loyalty

Communications that send out useful information give details of new products or services that might be of interest and can increase loyalty. Referral schemes offering financial incentives and offers from trusted partners can all be communicated effectively, driving loyalty and enhancing your brand and reputation.

Collections and payments

Remind customers when payments are due, send out alerts when payments are late. This can be facilitated by using a multi-channel strategy to give debtors a choice in terms of how they communicate with you.

Customer complaints

Proactively manage incoming complaints as well as notify consumers who have not registered a complaint but may have one.