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Energy & utilities

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We enhance customer service communications for the energy and utility sector.

We've developed several proactive customer solutions to help electric and gas utilities providers have better, more effective communications that are cost-effective.

We can deliver the following information across a variety of platforms, including email, text, messenger, and voice. This ensures your customers are receiving valuable information via their preferred method of communication.

Collections and payments

We can offer to send alerts when a payment is late, providing direct links to payment pages or linking through to help pages if a customer is having difficulty paying their bill.

Service notification

Keep customers informed of power outages and ensure they are notified when everything returns to normal, as well as giving notice of any planned maintenance repairs to the network.

Meter reading

Using highly personalised web forms customers can take their own meter readings saving significant time and money and ensuring they are billed accurately.


Using proven survey techniques via multiple channels, including SMS, Voice and Webforms can offer insight into how satisfied your customers are, and where improvements can be made.

Knowledge and understanding of customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Scores and Customer Effort Scores enables companies to maximise response rates and improve their scores.

Payment alerts

Send timely alerts when payments are due, when there needs to be a change of plan or when a fixed contract rate is expected to end.

Energy efficiency and energy-saving tips

To send out information about energy saving tips and how to reduce the impact on the environment.

Reports and information about energy usage

You can send individual reports and information on energy consumption; this can be automated to be received as frequently as the customer needs.