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About Telsolutions

Recognising the rapid channel shift to messaging, Telsolutions was launched in March 2004 by Rob Kelly and Rob Perry-Jones to help business transition successfully to use email, SMS and voice messaging services. Daniel Pearce joined as director of business development in 2009.

Initially we set out to deliver interactive voice messaging for a variety of business that needed to effectively communicate with their customers. Our primary focus was initially on contact centres and enabling them to operate effectively.

Since then, our team has grown, our client base has grown and so has our product and service offering.

Reducing costs while increasing communications effectiveness

Our primary aim is to reduce cost, whilst increasing the effectiveness of communications for our clients.

Our development of a fully branded, multi-channel approach with insightful messages, reporting and analytics has made our solution a popular choice for local authorities, as well as companies wishing to communicate with their customers across multiple platforms.

Our in-house team of technical experts ensure we can implement changes and respond swiftly to the ever-changing landscape offered by AI, chatbots and social media messaging platforms as well as other communication platforms.

Up-to-date with developments

We also ensure that we keep up to date with research and new findings in the fields of behavioural insights and nudge theory. This helps us optimise response rates and actions taken by the customer, ensuring you are getting the best results for every communication channel.

Our research and development team is at the forefront of any new communications technologies and Artificial intelligence. This means that when new ways to communicate emerge, we can ensure that they are added as new products and services to our offering.

Robust analytics

Finally, for everything we do, we ensure we offer robust reporting, analytics and data so that you’re able to make decisions based on facts and see the value that’s added from having us on your side.

To find out more

If you are interested in finding out about our products and services, why not arrange a call to go over how we can help you achieve your goals through effective, efficient communications.