Payment Reminders

Use a combination of voice, text, email and web messaging to notify customers who are approaching or exceeding spending limits and remind them of upcoming payment due dates. Once the payment reminder is received, the customer can respond
channel within the same (or another channel) to initiate a payment. After receiving a reminder, payments can be made in real-time to avoid unnecessary late fees and possible service interruptions.


Personalise reminders with account number, due date, and amount due

Avoid future collection costs and prevent missed payments from becoming bad debts

Use personalised mobile web forms to provide multiple options for payment including call backs, links to self-service, debt management contacts or pay by cash using PayPoint barcodes.

Reduce your operating costs through call deflection and pre-enrolment in low-cost payment types

Increase enrolment in online bill presentment by assuring customers that they will not miss a payment