Multi-Channel Collections

Telsolutions has demonstrated expertise in reducing delinquencies by enabling customers to make payments and interact within and across channels, for all stages of the collections lifecycle. Multi-channel dialogs have been proven to increase payments and customer satisfaction. We provide communications strategies for early and late stage collections
that increase right-party conversations and payments. Telsolutions is a cost-effective solution for increasing portfolio penetration rates and pounds collected per agent hour using right-party verification, predictive dialing, and interactive messaging strategies.



Reduce costs to collect by adding interactive text messaging to your strategy

Increase payments with multi-channel escalation and communications strategies

Use mobile web forms for greater interaction with smart phone users.

Drive more productive conversations by presenting relevant caller information to the agent in each screen-pop using Agent Voice Portal

Reduce costs by promoting auto-pay and self-service payment options across channels

Multi-channel communications strategies can be deployed using automated voice messaging, dialler, text, email, and web channels.