Hosted Contact Centre


Our Hosted Contact Centre solution is a pure cloud-based offering that delivers everything a small to mid-size contact centre needs to provide exceptional customer experiences. It is designed to be flexible, quick to deploy and easy to use.

Built on a proven, industry-leading Customer Experience Platform with an outstanding track record for availability. Our routing engine offers best-in-class Virtual Call Center functionality, so you can connect each customer to the optimal person based on the rules that make sense for your business.

Our Hosted Contact Centre includes integrated analytics that provide deep insights to your operations, allowing your organization to iteratively improve your customer satisfaction in near real time. Supervisors have everything they need to optimize efficiency and performance, from a mobile-accessible supervisor desktop to real-time metrics, reporting and call monitoring. You can power the optimal customer experience now and into the future across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.

Using a cloud-based Virtual Call Center has many compelling business benefits, including deploying it quickly and running it with minimal IT involvement, no capital investment and low operating costs.

Business user tools are provided that put your organization in charge of managing all aspects of your customer Virtual Contact Center operations for inbound, outbound, agent management and supervision as well as proactive customer communications.

With our Hosted Contact Centre Platform you will power optimal customer experiences that deliver consistent, seamless and personalized experiences across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.

Key Capabilities:
• Scales up to 250 seats
• Cloud-based deployment
• Proven, global cloud Contact Centre platform
• Superior availability and reliability
• Bundled telecommunications services
• Intuitive and visual solution configuration
• Out-of-box CRM integration (, Zendesk)


Core Features
Leverage a wide range of features to accommodate your dialing needs.

Agent Voice Portal
Deliver caller information directly to the agent’s desktop through a web-based application.

Campaign Strategy and Management
Gain real-time visibility into all customer communications and campaign activity.

Inbound IVR
Reduce the number of inbound, agent-assisted calls by providing customers with more self-service options.

CTI Modules
Reduce operational costs and deliver superior service through the use of intelligent call routing, screen pops and dynamic call pacing.