Business Continuity


Stakeholder notification

In the event of unforeseen or critical situations all organisations now require intelligent communications to contact and mobilise key staff. Rapid, automated communications help minimise financial impact and limit damage to reputations. Our Unified alerting service can be activated at the touch of a button and, within seconds, you can notify or alert thousands of people via Voice, Text, and email.

Via the dedicated and secure site business are able to deliver targeted and timely sms and email messages to key stakeholders within minutes. An address book function allows you to store your employee records and filter records for delivery, for example all senior management in the Manchester office. Template can be set up in advance making communication in the event of an incident as easy as possible.



This communication channel makes it ideal for internal emergency notices where due to the responsive nature of the messages can be quickly sent. An audit trail even confirms which stakeholders have received the message.


Incident management

Adverse weather conditions

Office closing

Call for volunteers

Flood alerts – notifications and instructions