Mobile Web Forms

The average consumer uses their mobile phone to text more than talk. It is now the most popular way for people to communicate with each other or other parties.

TelSolutions’ new development of customer unique mobile webforms linked to existing SMS Text messages makes it possible for organisations to engage with each customer individually and gain a valuable insight into activity influencing future decisions and activity. As a result, customers can access personalised data, authorise payments, and confirm transactions – conveniently from their mobile phone and without the assistance of an agent.

Customer interactions are all tracked and reported so for those customer interactions that require special handling, we make it possible for your organisations react immediately and without the need of a separate post event action.

Allows customer support agents to text message with customers in real time using the web-based Agent Portal.
Provides standard-rate messaging and has the broadest, most extensive experience designing and delivering Free-To-End-User (FTEU) text messaging.