Debt Collection

Collections agencies, debt buyers, and law firms leverage Telsolutions proven Collections strategies to increase portfolio penetration, reach more live parties, and increase agent utilisation and Pounds collected per agent hour.

With a decade of industry know-how and technology innovation, Telsolutions is uniquely qualified to design and execute sophisticated collections strategies across all types and stages of debt. Rely on Telsolutions experienced consulting team to optimise collections results by analysing and improving such factors as best time to contact, escalation strategies, IVR optimization, test vs. control comparisons, script analysis, mobile channel, text message strategies and more.

Telsolutions on-demand cross-channel communications platform and unmatched domain expertise to deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.


Multiple pacing models balance call volumes with agent resources so you can maximize the value of dollars spent per agent hour

Predictive, Progressive, Preview manual and click to call dialling modes increases overall customer contacts, driving more conversations to help agencies improve liquidation rates

Comprehensive information security and compliance tools reduce risk to your organization

Sophisticated contact strategies combine campaign intelligence and platform features — device escalation, agent skill group routing, and local caller ID, just to name a few — to maximise results

Analytics and reporting tools deliver insight into contact centre performance and campaign results so you can build and continually refine intelligent customer contact strategies