Every industry has its own unique customer contact opportunities and challenges. Telsolutions advanced multi-channel communications platform lets you create the right relationship with your customer base. Over 200 organizations across industries such as financial services, telecommunications and media, collections, retail, and energy and utilities rely on Telsolutions to send multi-channel messages for customer care, collections, and sales and marketing applications.

Good Customer Care in today’s world lets consumers solve issues, get information updates, and receive timely alerts when they need them. The result is happy and satisfied customers who hear from you more often, call you with concerns less often, and have what they need for a long-term relationship.
For Collections professionals, Telsolutions reaches more late payers and delinquent accounts during every billing cycle. Personalized messaging with automated right-party verification and auto-pay IVR capability recovers more debt — from early stage to post-charge-off.
Sales and Marketing initiatives run the gamut from activating and cross-selling products and services to retaining and renewing customers, from invigorating rewards programs to driving sales at stores or on the Web. Telsolutions integrated multi-channel messaging campaigns “talk the talk” that your customers relate to.